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Product Number Product Name SKU Price  
104274Glysalac Dermobooster6414291622980C$89.00
104280Orexcellence Energy Concentrate Youth Eye Care3395017430009C$110.00
104200All-In-One Balm10100C$95.00
104201Soothing Facial Oil10101C$77.00
104203Chamomile & Vanilla Cleanser10104C$59.00
104208Anti-Ageing Eye Oil10106C$65.00
104205Balancing Face Oil10107C$76.00
104206Bamboo Balancing Face Mask10108C$75.00
104204Chamomile & Orange Toner10109C$57.00
104202Neroli Face Cream10110C$82.00
104207Chamomile & Vanilla Balm10111C$43.00
104209Copenhagen Body Oil20100C$95.00
104210London Body Oil20200C$95.00
104211Paris Body Oil20300C$95.00
104212Port-Louis Body Oil20400C$95.00
104213Double Whipped Body Cream20500C$82.00
104081Nail Protein Formula 2 PlusNail107C$15.00
104082Nail Protein Formula 1NAil101C$28.00
104080Nail Protein Formula 2Nail102C$28.00
104079Nail Protein Formula 3Nail103C$28.00
104075After Artificial TreatmentNail108C$31.00
104074Formula FixNail109C$9.86
104073Nail MoisturizerNail111C$22.60
104077Hand ConditionerNail113C$22.95
104076Non-Acetone RemoverNail141C$12.50
104083Special Cleansing Gel606151C$0.00
104078Oil TherapyNAIL143C$18.53
104050Regenerating Eye And Lip CreamDEC00154C$99.00
104062Strengthening Nail SerumDEC00171C$79.50
104061Toning Shower And Bath GelDEC00175C$42.00
104015Aromessence Néroli - Hydrating Night Balm With Essential OilsDEC00235C$56.00
104025Aromessence Rose D'orient - Soothing Night Balm With Essential OilsDEC002379C$56.00
104053Clean Skin Scrub - GelDEC005426C$44.00
104026Harmonie Calm Soothing Light CreamDEC01345C$84.00
104027Relaxing Milky Gel-Cream For EyesDEC01347C$50.00
104071Aromessence Slim Effect - Draining Contouring SerumDEC060809C$92.00
104063Nourishing And Soothing Hand CreamDEC09000C$22.00
104033Imperfections Roll`OnDEC117000C$30.00
104069Aromessence Firming Body SerumDEC119C$88.00
104070Stretch Mark Restructuring Gel-CreamDEC125C$64.00
104047Aromessence Excellence- Regenerating Night BalmDEC139C$113.00
104049Sublime Re-Densifying Night CreamDEC150000C$148.00
104068Refreshing Toning GelDEC15148C$55.00
104067Energising Gel - ProlageneDEC15160C$66.00
104005Exfoliating Cream - PhytopeelDEC15211C$51.00
104006Clay And Herbal Cleansing MaskDEC15214C$49.00
104014Aromessence Néroli- Hydrating Oil Serum With Essential OilsDEC15222C$79.50
104024Aromessence Rose D'orient - Soothing Oil Serum With Essential OilsDEC15225C$79.50
1040033 In 1 Hydra-Radiance Smoothing & Cleansing MousseDEC190014C$36.00
104072Slim Effect - Localised Contouring Gel-CreamDEC190609C$80.00
104029Aromessence Ylang Ylang - Purifying Oil Serum With Essential OilsDEC221001C$79.50
104030Aromessence Ylang Ylang - Purifying Night Balm With Essential OilsDEC283001C$56.00
10401624h Hydrating Light CreamDEC350002C$35.00
104051Night EssenceDEC36000C$169.00
104013Life Radiance- Flash Radiance MaskDEC365000C$49.00
10401724h Hydrating Rich CreamDEC370000C$59.00
104066Post Wax Gel Anti-Hair Regrowth & HydratingDEC377000C$53.00
104036Energising Smoothing CreamDEC45000C$66.00
104060Aroma Nutrition Satin Softening Dry OilDEC46000C$63.00
104037Dark Circle & Eye Wrinkle EraserDEC460007C$62.00